About the ABCT Spirituality & Religious Issues Special Interest Group

Spiritual and religious beliefs and practices are commonplace in the general population of North America today. In recognition of this fact, the past three decades have seen a substantial increase in research on the interplay of spirituality, religion and psychological variables; a recent PsycInfo search was able to identify over 28,000 scientific contributions to this area. However, the relevance of spirituality and religion to clinical practice remains poorly understood. As a result, many practitioners of empirically-supported treatments may be reticent to address spirituality and religion in the course of their work.This SIG therefore serves an important role in offering opportunities for ABCT members to take an empirically-based approach to the interesting yet understudied subject of spirituality and religion.

We hope that through the general population's interest in religion and spirituality we can be a part of broadening the reach of ABCT whose more specific aims may not always be as generalizable to the main public. Through the combination of the work of ABCT and our SIGS efforts, we hope to be able to extend the good work of ABCT to more people.